Friday, August 25, 2017

ZAMBIA CHRONICLES 2.0 - The Farming Cooperative, Mr. Phiri

One of the real highlights of this trip was meeting Mr. Edward Phiri, a native Zambian and the owner of Lutawo Paradise Garden. Mr. Phiri is a master grower of tree seedlings, ornamentals, and fruit trees. It is from his farm that I acquired our strawberry plants and fruit trees. He’s remains extremely humble despite enjoying enormous success in his business.
Since he was a young boy, he has been fascinated with trees, and he has the real heart of an entrepreneur – he sees potential where others only see impossibility. Just seven years ago he started his business with a handful of trees. Today he has two farms and thousands of plants. Groups from all over the world visit his farm to seek his counsel. The day I was there he was planning to host a group of Peace Corps volunteers from Australia and Britian. We were privileged to have him come to our farm for an on site visit. He was such a motivating voice of inspiration for everyone in attendance at the meeting. He encouraged all the members of the co-op about the potential of our orchard and garden to grow beyond their imagination. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I believe the women, in particular, caught the “bug.” They continued to talk about his visit for the remainder of the week. 

Visiting Mr. Phiri's farm and holding 2 orange tree seedlings I had just purchased.
The entrance to the orchard. He has thousands of trees and has started a new project growing macadamia nuts.

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