Thursday, August 24, 2017

ZAMBIA CHRONICLES 2.0 - Funnies from the Field

Every time I take a missions trip, I can always count on an adventure. God showers the ministry with such profound blessings, but there are always episodes that provide plenty of laughter and wonder. I hope you’ll get a good chuckle as you read.
CONCERNED DAUGHTERS – Early in my journey, before I lost my phone, I was having a particularly bad day. I realized I missed a call from my girls while I was in the middle of a difficult confrontation, so I called them back. It was great to hear their voices on the other end of the line. I was down in the dumps, but they were so cheerful and glad to hear from me. My voice must have sounded terrible because they asked me if I was OK. Then one of them said, ”I just wanted to call to make sure you had packed enough underwear. I’m doing the laundry, and I’ve washed so much of your underwear I didn’t think you had enough. Are you sure you have enough?”
There’s nothing like a call from your children asking about your underwear supply to brighten your spirits! I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking, “Thank you God for these kids! Your timing is amazing. At least I know I’ll be well cared for once my nursing home years are upon me!” 
COW MANURE – Once I started the new farming co-op with the women in the village, we had a need for cow manure to place inside each of the planting holes for the strawberry plants and the fruit trees. The manure would enrich the soil, but I was instructed that it had to be decomposed/old manure, not freshly laid manure. A lady in the village was known for having an inordinate supply of this “black gold” on her property. Early one morning, at about 7am, I found myself standing in the middle of her huge cow manure patch (trying to avoid stepping on all the freshly laid mounds) negotiating manure prices, pick up, and delivery to my garden. As I looked around at my surroundings I said to myself, “Only the Lord could have arranged the circumstances that would allow me to be standing here doing what I’m doing, talking about what I’m talking about, and feeling as content as a newborn baby that’s just been fed.” That’s about the time I stepped right in a fresh one. 
PUMPING WATER – Every day I would walk over to the resource center and just stand inside the school room, talking to the Lord – thanking Him for all his goodness to us. After one of my daily visits, I walked a couple hundred yards down to the bore hole. There was a young woman there pumping water while she carried her newborn baby on her back. Her name is Sarah. My heart went out to her. She understood a little English, and I asked if she’d let me help her pump the water. She seemed surprised by my offer, but she accepted. I was doing great after my first 20 liter bucket (a little over 5 gallons). Then she brought me another! Half way into my second bucket, my arms caught fire! My pride wouldn’t let me stop, but I was DYING and practically throwing my body into the pump handle to keep the water flowing. I finished the second bucket. Sarah was getting ready to bring a 3rd, and then she looked at me. I must have looked pitiful because she said matter of factly, “You are tired.” I replied, “Give me the baby! You pump the water!” We both laughed! (p.s. she pumps 5-6 buckets a day and carries I them on her head, uphill about a couple hundred yards to her home without spilling a drop. I can't even lift the bucket up to my ankles!) #ImAWimp #ShesGotGuns

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